Books by Bill Binzen

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Tenth StreetTenth Street


Little Will the Bugle BoyLittle Will the Bugle Boy

Miguel's MountainMiguel's Mountain


Bill Binzen published 15 books between 1963 and 1989. Most were children's books; all of them featured his photographs, except Little Will the Bugle Boy, which he illustrated. Look at any collection of children's books and you'll realize that such extensive photo-illustration is quite unusual in the genre.  

Photography books
  • Tenth Street, 1968
  • Doubletake, 1972
  • The Berkshires, 1989 
Children's books
  • Little Will the Bugle Boy, 1963
  • Miguel's Mountain, 1968
  • Carmen, 1969
  • Punch and Jonathan, 1969
  • Alfred the Little Bear, 1970
  • All On a Summer's Day, by William Wise and Bill Binzen, 1971
  • Rooftop Hogi, 1972 
  • First Day in School, 1972
  • The Rory Story, 1974
  • Alfred Goes House Hunting, 1974
  • Alfred Goes Flying, 1976
  • Year After Year, 1976

Punch and Jonathan   Alfred the Little BearAlfred the Little Bear

All on a Summer's DayAll on a Summer's Day First Day in SchoolFirst Day in School

Alfred Goes House HuntingAlfred Goes House Hunting   Alfred Goes FlyingAlfred Goes Flying



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